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Jeremy Lin Book: Linsanity Hits Bookstores

Linsanity has hit bookstores.

Author Sean Deveney wasted little time attempting to capitalize on the public's Jeremy Lin craze, publishing a book called "Win Like Lin: Finding Your Inner Linsanity on the Way to Breakout Success."

The book attempts to examine Lin's psyche and determine what has allowed him to become the NBA's biggest breakout star this season.

According to a press release from McGraw-Hill, the book's publisher, "Veteran Sporting News reporter Sean Deveney, whose credentials include a seasoned career of sports reporting and an acclaimed sports history book, outlines the six keys to success that propelled the Ivy League's unlikeliest underdog to global fame.

"For the first time Deveney drills down to the six essential principles Lin has mastered to achieve success against setbacks, dry spells, and flat-out failures. Through resiliency, fearlessness, creativity, playing to his strengths, and a singular drive for excellence, the Harvard-educated Lin has elevated the performance of the entire team. Lin has managed to lead all his teams to repeated victories and now sits among the pantheon of celebrity sports stars."