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Jeremy Lin Ready To Embrace Tebowmania

When New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene, he was immediately compared to Tim Tebow and the run the quarterback had with the Denver Broncos last season. Now that Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets, 'Linsanity' will clash with 'Tebowmania' and that sounds good to Lin.

"It’s awesome. I’m just excited for him and to see what he does," Lin told reporters Wednesday . "We’ll see what happens next year, but I’m excited obviously that he’s going to be in New York."

As for advice for the newest member of the Jets?

It's the same tip he was given after his career took off.

"'Make sure not to read the papers', but I don't want to say that to offend you guys. But that's what I've been told. I don't really read anything. I think it helps me."

Tebow seemed unfazed by the national attention he has received throughout his time in the spotlight, but we all know the brights shine brightest on Broadway!