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Linsanity Lives! Jeremy Lin Doing Just Fine For Mike Woodson

When Mike Woodson took over for Mike D'Antoni as head coach of the New York Knicks there was an assumption that not only was Linsanity! dead, but that Jeremy Lin might be on borrowed time as an important player for the Knicks.

Well, not so fast.

Lin's 18-point, 10-assist, three-turnover effort Tuesday night in the Knicks' 106-87 rout of the Toronto Raptors was the latest in a string of solid performances for the Knicks' young point guard. In the four games since Woodson became head coach -- all victories -- Lin has averaged 14 points, 6.75 assists and 3.5 turnovers. He has had just one game with more than three turnovers.

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Lin is orchestrating, getting the ball to the right people in the right places and not forcing the ball down the lane as often as he did under D'Antoni. This is the way a point guard with so many top-flight scoring options around him should play, and the way no one was certain Lin could play.

The Linsanity! phase might -- mostly -- be over for the Knicks. Lin, though, is making it obvious that he will remain important. Veteran Baron Davis is out with a hamstring injury, again showing that he can't be counted on to stay healthy. MIke Bibby is loooooong past his days as a quality NBA player. Toney Douglas is not a point guard, and is buried deep on the Knicks' bench.

So, it might not be Linsanity, but the growth of Jeremy Lin into a quality NBA point guard is in full swing.

[HD] The Jeremy Lin Show vs Toronto Raptors || 18pts 10 assists 4 rebs || 03.20.2012 (via TrollsInParis)