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Carmelo Anthony News: 'Melo Says 'I Have No Problem With Mike D'Antoni'

Ahh, who and what to believe in the never-ending soap opera that the New York Knicks have become. Now, Carmelo Anthony, subject of scorn and trade rumors while the team struggles and alleged hater of coach Mike D'Antoni, says he has no problem with the coach.

As Steve Popper of tweeted, 'Melo wants us to believe that he "doesn't want to be traded, loves NY, loves Knicks, loves D'Antoni, loves puppies and rainbows."

Well, 'Melo, maybe you should participate in team huddles. Maybe you should run the offense the way the coach has designed it. Maybe you should play a little defense.

In the end, Anthony probably isn't going anywhere and D'Antoni is probably going to the firing line. Stay tuned, because this soap opera is just starting to get really good.