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Mike D'Antoni Vs. Carmelo Anthony: 'Melo Reportedly Not Happy With Coach

The New York Post is reporting that New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is increasingly unhappy with head coach Mike D’Antoni.

The Post’s Marc Berman writes:

There are several indications the alliance is getting worse, not better, and it seems inconceivable both will be back with the Knicks next season. According to a source familiar with the situation, Anthony is disgruntled and he may have given off those signs when he didn’t join the huddle during a third-quarter timeout. (Anthony claimed that occurs often).

Anything bold happening at the trade deadline would seem unlikely. D’Antoni is more likely to get fired than Anthony get traded after the Knicks dropped their sixth straight game, 104-99, to the Bulls.

Earlier Tuesday SB Nation New York’s Chris Celletti defended Anthony, who has been blamed by many for the team’s struggles since he returned from an injury to join Jeremy Lin in the lineup.

Here is part of what Celletti wrote:

If somebody can point to the time when the Knicks were successful with D’Antoni as their coach, please let me know. … the Anthony Knicks have not been successful. But neither have the D’Antoni Knicks. If the Knicks need to make a choice between Anthony and D’Antoni, I don’t see how anybody could say that they’d be better off with D’Antoni. It’s almost comical.

If Anthony and D’Antoni can’t make this work I think we all know it will be D’Antoni who will take the fall.