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Knicks Vs. Celtics: New York Loses In Boston, 91-89

Two days before the New England Patriots and New York Giants meet for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, the New York Knicks traveled to Boston to play the Celtics, and if the outcome of this game was any indicator on how the Knicks' and Celtics' NFL counterparts will play, Patriots fans will have another Super Bowl to celebrate. The Celtics defeated the Knicks by a score of 91-89 in TD Garden on Friday night.

With the loss, the Knicks fall to 8-15, which places them in 10th place in the Eastern Conference and in third place, behind the Celtics and 76ers, in the Atlantic Division. Meanwhile, the Celtics now have a 12-10 record, which puts them in seventh place in the conference and in second place in the division.

The Knicks were led by a 26-point performance by Carmelo Anthony. Center Tyson Chandler scored 20 points, Amare Stoudemire scored 16.

The Celtics were led by Paul Piece, who scored 30 points against the Knicks. Kevin Garnett scored 15 points, Ray Allen scored 14.

This is the Knicks' second loss in a row and their fifth loss in the last six games. They will look to get things back on track on Saturday evening against the Nets at home at 7:30 p.m. The Celtics have now won three games in a row and are looking to extend that streak at home against the Grizzlies on Sunday at noon.

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