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Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Sells For $22K

Every day now seems to provide proof that Jeremy Lin is no longer just a basketball player, but a blossoming international icon.

After a seven-day EBay auction ended Thursday, a Lin rookie card sold for $21,580, resulting in a profit of $20,580 for a 29-year old Knicks season-ticket holder with a good sense of investment.

Yair Rozmaryn, a New York native, originally bought the card on Feb. 8, two days after Lin's first start. What might have looked like a crazy investment at the time -- "I took a calculated risk," Rozmaryn told Bloomberg -- quickly proved visionary as Linsanity swept the Big Apple (and the universe), netting Rozmaryn a huge profit in just two weeks time.

The moral of the story: Linvest wisely, folks.

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