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Jeremy Lin's New Apartment Comes With Celebrity Discount

No more sleeping on his brother's couch.

New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin -- who had been staying with his brother prior to morphing into a tornado that ravages opposing teams, because he thought the Knicks might cut him -- agreed to rent a condo on the 38th floor at the W New York Downtown Hotel. The furnished two-bedroom apartment has a view of the Statue of Liberty, which is probably considered Lin's property as well since he is rapidly seizing ownership of all of New York City, not to mention the universe.

The son of hotel developer Joseph Moinian said Lin received a celebrity discount on his new pad, which normally costs $13,000 per month, but did not reveal exactly how much Lin's new fame saved him on the purchase.

"We were trying to accommodate him," he said. "We want to help him as much as possible with his new life."

Translated: We gave Mr. Lin a great deal because the publicity will help us tenfold.

In case you were wondering, the 1,182-square foot condo is in the process of being sold to a real estate investor for $2.3 million.

Perhaps this is airing out old grievances, but I bet Isiah Thomas would have offered $50 million.

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