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Jeremy Lin's Success Not A Shock To His College Coach

Jeremy Lin has averaged 26.8 points per game and 8.5 assists per game for the New York Knicks over the past six games and has sparked a six-game win streak for the Knicks. Should we be surprised at how well he's played for New York? Lin's college coach, Tommy Amaker, of Harvard says no.

"I know that he's kind of taking the world by storm and it's been a sensation here, as everyone has been able to see and say. But we've seen this kid do some spectacular things, we've seen him do it on the big stage for us, when he was here at Harvard, at our level. Not that that's the Knicks and Lakers, of course, but we've seen similar things. I just think it's been a little bit of a perfect storm with the injuries and style of play. ... I just think he obviously has a knack for, when the stage is big and the lights are bright, he has a knack for performing at a very, very high level." (via Sports Radio Interviews)

Amaker also says that Lin is a student of the game and has shown that he can play at the NBA level, if any Knick fans were worried about a plateau.

"I think he is going to get better. One of the neat things about anyone in life in any position, we talk to the team a lot about concentration, composure and confidence, and I think he has that. I think that concentration of him studying, he's a student of the game. He loves basketball. ... I just think he's got a sensational career ahead of him. Is it going to be off the charts the way it's kind of been lately? Who's to say that? But does he belong? I think he's shown that he does."

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