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Linsanity: Jeremy Lin Offered Free New York Apartment

Life is good for New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin these days. Not only is he on the back pages of every New York newspaper seemingly every morning, but it just seems that everyone is in love with the Asian-American phenom and has caught Linsanity.

The bug has even caught Knicks season-ticket holder and real estate developer, Edward Mermelstein, who has offered Lin a one-bedroom apartment free of charge until the guard finds his own place to sleep.

It was reported earlier in the week, that Lin is sleeping on brother's and teammates' couches.

More on Jeremy Lin's new pad after the jump...

"As a New Yorker, its very rare that someone like Jeremy Lin comes along to electrify this city," said Mermelstein, who's also a uber-Russian attorney, in an e-mail that was sent to SB Nation New York Regional Editor Ed Valentine Sunday, "and this humble young man has excited all of NYC -- and we love his energy.

"He’s a hard working passionate young man – and as a NY Knicks, and Harvard graduate I am sure its not long until he’ll have his own place to stay – but in the meantime I’d be honored to offer him an apartment for his use. Every father tells his son if you go to Harvard, I will let you play ball – well Lin’s got it all and we have lots of respect for him."

On Saturday, Lin tallied 20 points to help the Knicks collect their fourth straight victory in a victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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