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Jeremy Lin: Ex-Knick overwhelmed by 'Linsanity'

Former New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin felt overwhelmed by the 'Linsanity' phenomenon.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin stated in an interview with Matt Thomas of KBME in Houston earlier this week that he was overwhelmed by the 'Linsanity' phenomenon that took off last season while he was a member of the New York Knicks.

After emerging as a starter, Lin began to garner a great deal of attention. This was amplified by the 'Linsanity' moniker and the endless coverage on ESPN, which made him uncomfortable, via

"Yeah, I think ever since the game against the Nets we'd walk in for breakfast every single morning into the practice facility and they always had ESPN on and I would remember I would just eat breakfast in my locker instead of in there because I didn't want to hear or see about it."

Lin averaged 14.6 points, 6.2 assists and 26.9 minutes per game last year with New York. He signed a three-year offer sheet worth $25 million with the Rockets this past offseason, which the Knicks opted not to match.