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Mike D'Antoni Watch:'s Stephen A. Smith Says, 'I Believe D'Antoni Is Done'

Saturday's 97-84 loss to the Houston Rockets put the New York Knicks and head coach Mike D'Antoni in a tough spot, as the Knicks have lost nine of their last 10 games and are witnessing their playoff hopes vanishing. And because of all of the drama that is surrounding the struggling squad,'s Stephen A. Smith believes D'Antoni's days are about numbered in New York.

"I believe D'Antoni is done," wrote Smith Sunday in a column for "Eventually, but inevitably. The Knicks will either deny this or avoid the questions altogether, but who cares? No one gets to hide from their record."

Smith admits in the column that the poor play of the Knicks can't all be put on their head coach, who didn't want to make the trade for star forward Carmelo Anthony, but that doesn't excuse him for letting New York play the way they're.

"Who can't see the handwriting on the wall with Chandler sounding off the way he has? With Anthony too hurt to play in Miami on Friday night, yet able to show up for Charlotte and Cleveland?"

"...No matter what the Knicks are willing to reveal, it's clear that chairman James Dolan is closely eyeing the situation, itching to make a move, and that the clock is ticking ominously on D'Antoni's career in New York."

So with that, let the official Mike D'Antoni firing watch begin. Keep track of all the rumors and rumbling about the possible release of D'Antoni in this special StoryStream. Meanwhile, make sure to check the SB Nation blog Posting And Toasting for everything on the Knicks.