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Eddy Curry 'Numb' To Playing New York Knicks

Miami Heat center Eddy Curry will meet the New York Knicks on Friday for the first time since being traded from the team last winter, but don't expect any hugs for Mike D'Antoni.

Curry told the New York Post there are still some people in the Knicks organization he does not remember fondly, but he will try to keep his emotions from impacting Friday's game.

"I'm completely numb to the situation," Curry said. "I got friends over there and I got people I don't like so much over there. But that's between me and them, and we'll just keep it professional."

"I don't even think about it, honestly," Curry said of his Knicks stint. "That was a long time ago and I'm just looking toward the future right now. I don't feel any way, positive or negative. I don't feel anything."

While discussing what motivates him, Curry said he is "pretty much fueled from the inside," a concept that probably has Knicks fans wondering exactly what type of fuel that is.

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