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Baron Davis Injury: Knicks' Guard Practices For First Time

The New York Knicks have lost six straight and are looking for anyway to find some offense, and Monday they might have received some help at the right time as veteran point guard Baron Davis returned to practice Monday at MSG Training Center.

"I know I can definitely help, I know I can definitely do things out there that can help," said Davis, who missed the season's first 16 games with a herniated disk. "We all need each other at this point as a team. We need to just figure out how to play off of each other and play with a style that suits everybody and works to everybody's strengths and talents."

According to's Alan Hahn, Davis could be just what the Knicks need to solve their offensive woes.

"...The lack of an experienced point guard, along with the absence of reliable three-point shooting, has caused the offense to sputter and players such as Anthony, with a sprained wrist, to try to take on too much responsibility to handle the scoring," wrote Hahn Monday.

However, Hahn pointed out that Davis did struggled in practice and its still could be awhile until he's productive in head coach Mike D'Anonti's offense.

"Davis admitted to making 'a lot of mistakes' and being 'very, very rusty,' but also spoke excitedly about a system he's always wanted to play."

The Knicks try and snap their current six-game skid Tuesday night, as they host the Charlotte Bobcats (7:30 p.m. on MSG).

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