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Knicks Vs. Bucks: Carmelo Anthony Frustrated, Doesn't Like To Be 'Punked'

After five losses in a row, frustration is beginning to set in for Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. Anthony scored 35 points Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks, but was ejected late in the game after sharing words with Brandon Jennings. Afterward, the Knicks star admitted apologized for his behavior but said he doesn't like to be "punked."

"We're just have a hard time making shots right now. That gets frustrating.... It makes the whole situation that much more strenuous," Anthony said. ...

"I don't like to be punked out there so I think that's where the frustration sets in. It started trickling down so maybe it was my fault," said Anthony, who received treatment on his wrist and other injuries for an hour after the game. ".... I apologize to my teammates for that but I don't like being in those situations. I don't know how to handle them punking situations too well."

Anthony has a chance to relieve himself of the sour taste Saturday, when he meets the Denver Nuggets for the first time since being traded.

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