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Dwight Howard Free Agency 2012: Carmelo Anthony Offers Advice

Carmelo Anthony remembers the endless questions about his future, the pack of reporters sitting at his locker each day and the rumors that swirled in the air every time he was inside an NBA stadium, or even when he wasn't. The New York Knicks forward has been through an ordeal similar to Dwight Howard's current situation, and has some advice. (via ESPN)

"Honestly, man, I haven't really been keeping up with the whole Dwight Howard situation," Melo said at Monday morning's shootaround at the Knicks' practice facility. "I've just seen he's been playing well, they've been playing well. That's all I've been keeping up with.

"As far as his situation, trust me I know mentally what he's going through. All I can say is, 'Keep playing the way you're playing and keep doing what you've got to do for your team and whatever happens, happens at the end of the day.'"

Anthony's future was one of the league's biggest storylines last year prior to the trade deadline, when he was moved from the Denver Nuggets, signed a contract extension and all the rumors finally ceased. Now, Howard has become the most desired trade target in the NBA and the top free agent should he decide not to sign a contract extension, if and when he is traded.

In the meantime, Howard has done his part to maintain focus, averaging 18.6 points and 14.6 rebounds during the Orlando Magic's 6-3 start.

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