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Knicks Hire Mike Woodson, Former Hawks Head Coach, As Mike D'Antoni Assistant

The New York Knicks hired Mike Woodson on Monday, making the newest addition to the coaching staff official after it had been rumored for quite some time. Woodson's last appearance in the NBA came during his tenure as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 through the 2009-10 season.

Woodson has been lauded as a defensive coach and that's been rumored to be the reason Mike D'Antoni added him to the Knicks coaching staff, but Posting and Toasting has a much more fun way of looking at the new hire.

Mostly, I'm excited to have this guy in the organization because he's really fun-looking and has a really shiny head and because there are now two "Mikes" on the coaching staff. The more Mikes the merrier, as they say. And, like I've said before, I'm quietly stocking up on "Mike and Mike" headlines for the future. Can't wait.

Of course, neither Mike will be able to do any actual coaching until the NBA lockout is figured out.