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2011 NBA Mock Draft, Knicks: Kenneth Faried, PF Morehead St.

A very pressing need for the New York Knicks (on the court that is; we’re not going to get into off the court stuff here, because I don’t have all day) is size, and more specifically, someone who can backup Amare Stoudemire. The Knicks need some cover for Stoudemire, because if he keeps playing 42 minutes a game, he won’t have knees anymore. In the latest SBNation Mock NBA Draft, Tom Ziller has the Knicks taking Morehead State power forward and rebounding monster Kenneth Faried with the 17th overall pick. Finally, this is a pick that this writer can cosign on.

In the previous mock drafts, we’ve broken down possibilities like Klay Thompson and Josh Selby, two potential-packed perimeter players. The Knicks could use one more scorer, but their most pressing need, and the one they need to fill this offseason, isn’t simply just "size" as everyone says. The Knicks need some grit and toughness, players who will do the dirty work and let the stars do their thing. Faried is that type of player.

The NCAA’s all-time leading rebounder (in the modern era, which is from 1973 on), Faried is a guy who would immediately crack the Knicks rotation as Stoudemire’s backup. If the Knicks wanted to play small, as Mike D’Antoni likes to, Faried could play at power forward alongside Stoudemire, who would be the de facto center. New york needs a few players who are simply looking to rebound and defend, set picks and complement Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Faried likely fits this bill.

A downside of Faried is his physical size, which isn’t all that spectacular. He’s just 6-foot-8 and isn’t very bulky at about 220 pounds. Playing at Morehead State in the Ohio Valley Conference, Faried was a much bigger body most of the time than he would be in the NBA. But he also had great performances against Louisville and Ohio State, so he isn’t just a product of playing against weak competition. He’s definitely a player the Knicks could use, and would be an interesting get at No. 17. but, as Ziller brings up in his mock article, would D’Antoni, provided he’s still the coach, play a non-scorer like Faried?