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NBA Draft 2011: Jimmer Fredette Prefers Knicks And Nets

Potential NBA Draft picks don't get to choose where they end up going, but if they could, BYU standout Jimmer Fredette would certainly pick the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets. The high-scoring guard told Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show he'd prefer to play for the Knicks and Nets, listing them as options "1A and 1B," respectively.

He may get his wish. The Knicks own the 17th pick, and while that may be too late to snag Fredette, they reportedly want to trade up to take him. The Nets, with the 27th pick, stand almost no shot of getting Fredette unless they were to trade up as well, and there's no indication one way or the other if they're interested in taking that step.

Fredette, 22, averaged 28.9 points in his senior season at BYU, displaying near-unlimited shooting range and hardly any conscience. He took a whopping 8.5 threes per game, and connected on 39.6 percent of them. Theoretically, Fredette would fit nicely in Mike D'Antoni's fast-paced, three-happy offense. In practice, he may not get the requisite number of touches he needs in order to be effective. Having to share the ball with All-Star scoring machines Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire could negatively affect his game.

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