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Patrick Ewing Still Wants To Coach The Knicks

It's no secret that former NBA All-Star Patrick Ewing has been angling for a head coaching job almost ever since his 17-year playing career ended in 2002. With the New York Knicks currently front office reshuffling, Ewing has plans to call James Dolan and remind the Knicks owner that he's still available.

"I should probably pick up the phone and give him a call," Ewing told Jane McManus on Friday. "I really don't know him very well. I think it'd be great if I got to know him."

Ewing said he is happy in Orlando as the Magic's current big man coach, according to McManus, but then hinted that he hasn't had any formal interviews for head coaching jobs and that "that's where he'd like to wind up."

"It's disappointing that I haven't moved to the next step to get a head coaching job, but all I can do is keep going and move on," Ewing said.

Ewing has nine years of experience at the NBA level as an assistant coach -- that's nine more years than former Knick and new Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson had, for those keeping track -- and has spent the last four seasons concentrating on Dwight Howard's career.

If Mike D'Antoni doesn't return, is it time to give the Hall of Famer an opportunity at the helm of the Knicks?