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Mark Jackson 'Still A Knick Fan At Heart'

Mark Jackson, the one-time St. John's and New York Knicks star point guard recently named head coach of the Golden State Warriors said in a recent radio interview he is "still a Knick fan at heart." Jackson joined ESPN Radio in Los Angeles on the Stephen A. Smith Show to discuss his new job recently.

Whether or not he is still disappointed about not getting the Knicks job:

"Well it’s home for me and I truly am honored and humbled by the support and love that the New York City fans and family have given me throughout the course of my life. There was a point in time where my dream was to be the head coach of the New York Knicks. It didn’t work out. I’m still a Knick fan at heart but right now it’s all about the Golden State Warriors and I’m absolutely thrilled to be in a situation where we can make a lot of noise in the Bay Area."

On why he thinks he will be a good coach:

"One of my greatest gifts, I have been a leader from day one and I have been a student of the game. I truly understand what it takes to win, I’ve watched teams win and I have also watched teams fall apart because they didn’t do things the proper way. I will deliver a message and we’ll figure out who really wants to win or who’s just acting and then we will make the proper adjustments."

-- Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript