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2011 NBA Mock Draft, Knicks: Klay Thompson

The latest SB Nation Mock NBA Draft has the Knicks taking Washington State junior shooting guard Klay Thompson with the 17th overall pick. This is a pick that I don't think will happen, as many other mocks have Thompson going ahead of 17. If Thompson were to fall, would he be a good pick for the Knickerbockers? It could go both ways.

Your answer on whether or no Thompson would be the right pick for the Knicks hinges on where you fall with Mike D'Antoni's system. If you are a fan of D'Antoni's, Thompson might be a steal at 17. He may be the best pure shooter in the draft, and the Knicks could use a dead-eye three-point shooter. With Carmelo Anthony favoring the low block post-up isolation, and Amare Stoudemire playing pick-and-roll, the offense is missing a guy who can consistently knock down threes from the wing and corner. Thompson could be that guy.

But if you see the Knicks real problems, and you match that with Thompson's weakness, it may not be the best choice. Thompson is not known for his defense. And while the Knicks need shooting guard help, they have two elite scorers and, for one more season, a point guard in Chauncey Billups who can fill it up too. Anyone who watched the Knicks all season knows they desperately need forward and center help. Another shooter, another score-first player is not what the Knicks lack. There will be options at 17 that can address the Knicks' lack in size.

Based on the players available in the SB Nation mock, if I were Donnie Walsh, I would take Florida State's Chris Singleton. Singleton isn't too big at 6-foot-9 and 230 pounds, but he has a huge wingspan and is one of the best defenders on the board. The Knicks need someone who can backup Stoudemire and play defense and grab rebounds, and Singleton can do that. If the Knicks add a center in free agency such as Samuel Dalembert or (in a dream scenario) Tyson Chandler, picking Singleton gives the Knicks a solid frontcourt. You're looking at Dalembert/Chandler starting at center with Ronny Turiaf as backup, and Stoudemire at the four with Singleton taking his backup minutes. Not terrible at all.