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Report: Denver Nuggets Might Not Trade Carmelo Anthony

As the ‘Melo-Drama’ continues to unfold the latest twist out of Denver find the Denver Post reporting that the Nuggets might not trade Carmelo Anthony until the season is over, if at all.

The organization still feels it has time to hold out for at least most of what it wants for Anthony.

Those close to the situation say there is a better-than-average chance Anthony will not be dealt until after the season. But that option isn’t the best way to collect a significant amount of future assets for the forward. Yet, if the Nuggets are going to get something similar now to what they could get in the offseason, they will opt to keep the team intact and see what it can do in the playoffs.

There is also a report that Anthony “would take a real hard look” at signing an extension with the Nuggets.

So, it looks like anything is still possible at this point. Does your head hurt yet from trying to keep up with the ‘Melo Madness? Mine does. Maybe you’ve just given up keeping track. That’s not a bad idea, either.