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Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks: Knicks Lead

If the Carmelo Anthony trade talks were a horse race, you would probably say that the New York Knicks had the lead heading into the final turn. The NBA trade deadline is two weeks away, so the ‘Melo-Drama’ is headed toward the backstretch.

The New York Daily News is reporting that despite interest in Anthony from the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams the Knicks are still the most likely landing spot for the All-Star forward.

The Knicks are still in the lead for Anthony, although sources close to the Nuggets say that Denver is going to continue to field offers for its scoring ace and might not move him until right before the Feb. 24 trading deadline.

“The plan is to wait until as close to the 24th as they can, and see what other teams are going to offer between now and then,” a person with knowledge of the Nuggets’ plans said last night. “They’re in no rush.”

Why would they be? The Nuggets have waited this long, so they might as well push the process all the way to the end to try and make the best deal possible.

Whatever deal that turns out to be it does not appear that it will include Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum, a possibility that was widely reported on Tuesday. Multiple reports this morning have indicated that the Lakers, while remaining interested in acquiring Anthony, have rejected the idea of including the talented young center in a trade for him.

That decision, of course, helps the Knicks.

Dave D’Alessandro of the Star-Ledger has turned Las Vegas oddsmaker and listed odds on where Anthony will land. Interestingly, he still sees the Nets as a strong possibility.

Here is his list:
Knicks 3-1
Nets 4-1
Bulls 10-1
Lakers 12-1
Rockets 20-1
Mavericks 25-1