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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Still No Word From Nuggets, Anthony

No news yet today from the Denver Nuggets, and no word from Carmelo Anthony. So, it is status quo when it comes to the ongoing ‘Melo-Drama.’ That, however, does not mean there has not been some intrigue.

Word has been that Anthony will officially tell the New Jersey Nets today or Tuesday whether or not he will sign an extension with them if the Nuggets trade him there. Most likely, he will not, meaning a trade to New Jersey won’t happen.

The Nets seem to be prepping for the inevitable letdown of Anthony saying no to them, and maybe putting themselves in a position to at least tweak the cross-town New York Knicks a bit if and when they do acquire Anthony.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made some vague references over the weekend to trying to force the Knicks to increase their offer to Denver. A report today has indicated that if Anthony goes to the Knicks the Nets and Nuggets would then pull off a trade in which some of the players given up by the Knicks would end up in New Jersey, most notably Danilo Gallkinari and/or Raymond Felton.

Via Twitter, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has indicated that the Nets may be bluffing in order to divide the Knicks’ front office.’s Chris Mannix also tweeted that the Nets are ’throwing in the towel" at this point.

Now, if we could just get some real word from the Nuggets or from Anthony then maybe we could all get back to our regularly scheduled lives.