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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Mike D'Antoni Reportedly Nervous About Coaching Carmelo

The New York Knicks (and the New Jersey Nets) are getting closer to acquiring Carmelo Anthony. It would be good for Knicks fans and the organization, but maybe not so good for the coach. Mike D'Antoni is reportedly nervous about the pressure that Carmelo Anthony would bring to the Knicks, according to Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News.

"He's worried about gutting the team he has," one extremely dialed-in NBA source told me yesterday. "On top of that, he's worried about what they'd have to take back from Denver along with Carmelo (Chauncey Billups, perhaps old friend Renaldo Balkman and HIS expiring contract). He also knows that if the Knicks do get (Anthony), then it's not on Donnie anymore, it's on him."

Once Carmelo Anthony lands in New York *fingers crossed* it becomes Mike D'Antoni's problem to put all the pieces together, even if the trade to bring him to New York leaves his team without very many pieces at all. If the team fails, even if just for a little while while they have to acquire additional surrounding talent, it will be D'Antoni's problem. Look at what happened with Eric Spoelstra and the Heat earlier this year. But that is all if they are able to get him here.