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Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: New Jersey Back In Play

As was indicated earlier today, reports indicate that the New Jersey Nets are back at the table — or at least on the phone — with the Denver Nuggets talking about a Carmelo Anthony trade.

This should make for an interesting All-Star Weekend, with all of the principals from the Nets, Nuggets and New York Knicks in Los Angeles for the festivities. Seems there will be fireworks, too.

Carmelo Anthony is back on the Nets’ radar as many expected he would be. But really, he never left.

Owner Mikhail Prokhorov directed Nets general manager Billy King to cease talking to Denver last month after everything became so public. But it always was believed the Nuggets would call back and if they did King would be able to answer the phone.

You also figured it would happen now with the trade deadline a week from today.

Reports indicate that for the Nets and Nuggets to pull off a deal it would have to be straight two-team deal, not a complicated three-team deal like the 13-player monster that involved the Detroit Pistons and was being discussed a few weeks ago.

Most reports also indicate that the Nuggets prefer any Nets package built around rookie forward Derrick Favors to what the Knicks can offer.

No matter what, All-Star Weekend just got a lot more interesting.