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Chauncey Billups Could Retire If Waived Using Amnesty Clause, Says Agent

The New York Knicks are reportedly planning to use the amnesty clause to waive Chauncey Billups in order to make room for signing Tyson Chandler, a development that does not please Billups. Billups' agent told ESPN the guard could consider retirement if the league's waiver process lands him somewhere undesirable.

"But I wouldn't be surprised if Chauncey retired rather than play for a team he wouldn't want to play for," said Andy Miller, agent for the 35-year-old point guard. "He doesn't need the money, his kids are getting to an age where he wants to be an active participant, and he doesn't need the frustration and instability he's constantly dealing with. So he may choose not to play."

The league's waiver process allows teams that are under the salary cap -- mostly bad teams -- the chance to receive the first crack at anybody released using the amnesty clause. That likely means Billups, accustomed to advancing deep into the playoffs, would be headed to a team with little chance of contending.

"Chauncey's pissed off, but he's not pissed at the Knicks," Miller said. "He understands it's a business and they have to do what they have to do. "But he's in a very frustrated state of mind because this has happened to him twice now. The way the league is structured, if you're a hot name and teams have interest in you, you have the ability to manufacture mass hysteria, and guys like Chauncey who put in years of high-level leadership, production, and service get lost."

The Knicks are also reportedly trying to move Ronny Turiaf in order to clear payroll.

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