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Which Local Team Is The Most Hated? The Results Are In

A few weeks ago, SB Nation New York asked, which local team do you hate the most? Well, the results are in. And, not surprisingly, the New York Yankees came out on top, with 37 percent of the vote. The Bombers come in a unique package, being the area's most popular team and the most hated all at the same time. The second most loathed team was Rex Ryan's New York Jets. The team that conjured up the least amount of hostility? The New York Giants. Here are the full results, with 591 rabid, fervent fans voting.


New York Yankees: 37 percent
New York Jets: 19 percent
New York Rangers: 15 percent
New York Knicks: 8 percent
New Jersey Devils: 6 percent
New York Mets: 4 percent
New Jersey Nets: 3 percent
New York Islanders: 2 percent
New York Giants: 1 percent