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NBA 2K12 Legends Pack Offers More Knicks Greats

NBA 2K12 is the best basketball video game.One thing that sets it apart is its legends system, which expands the menu of talent beyond current NBA rosters and allows users to compete with their favorite players of all time. With the introduction of the new Legends Pack, that option just got even more robust.

Hit the jump to see the new Knicks legends.

Here are the new Knicks, courtesy of a press release from 2K Sports.

  • Bernard King (1984)
  •  Marc Jackson (1989)
  • Kenny Walker (1989)

THESE ARE AWESOME NAMES! Please, click this text to see a picture Bernard King once took while wearing a crown and a robe. You could play a video game as this man!

Which two-man Knicks legends team would be your favorite? I'd prefer a talented team featuring Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry. The All-Bloated and Bloated Contracts squad. Championship!

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(H/T's Matt Moore)