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New York Knicks Rumors: 'Great Chance' Knicks Get Chris Paul

The New York Knicks reportedly have a "great chance" to land Chris Paul.

The New York Knicks signed one superstar as a free agent last season and traded for another. Next, they could make it a hat trick. ESPN's Chris Broussard told Colin Cowherd on ESPN New York 1050 that the Knicks have a "great chance" to land New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul.

"We all know that their wish list is Chris Paul and I think they're going to get Chris Paul," Broussard told Cowherd. "I think there's a great chance he ends up in New York and now you've got a Big 3 in the Big Apple. And if they don't get Chris Paul for some reason, Dwight Howard is a possibility, Deron Williams is a possibility. The Knicks should end up getting one of those three players; I think it will be Chris Paul."

Broussard said the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement, and specifically the fact that sign-and-trade deals are still allowed, caters to the Knicks and other big market teams during the first two years of the agreement. He also pointed out that the Knicks should have significant cap space next season.

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