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Charles Oakley: '[The Knicks] Don’t Want Nothing To Do With Me'

The always-outspoken Charles Oakley did a recent interview with SLAM Online in which he offered his opinion on many topics including the LeBron-Jordan comparison, the Knicks, Dirk and his distaste for Isaiah Thomas.Below are some of his responses.

On his relationship with the Knicks:

They don't want nothing to do with me. I don't know why. I tried to deal with them on several occasions. I'm not gonna keep trying. They don't like Patrick [Ewing], either. They won't give Patrick a job, so I know they won't give me a job.


My door is always open to the Knicks. I tell them all the time.

On Isaiah Thomas:

I don't understand how he even got a job with management. He had nothing to do with the Knicks, then he talked bad about the Knicks. If I see him, he'd better turn around and go the other way.

On Mike D'Antoni:

They knew when they signed [D'Antoni] - When you go buy a Bentley, you know it's not a Volkswagen.


This is [D'Antoni's] fourth year. He's had a lot of time. I think it's just more half-court offense, and they need the big, tough guy. He don't want to play that way, but finesse, it's not gonna work.

And Amar'e Stoudemire:

Amar'e is good, he's good in his way. He's a West Coast player trying to translate to the East Coast. And the longer he plays in the East, the more his body's gonna get damaged, because he's got to take a beating now.

The former Knickerbocker is now an assistant coach with the Charlotte Bobcats.