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Carmelo Anthony Apologizes for NBA Lockout

Ney York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony used Twitter today to apologize for the NBA lockout.

"I just wanna apologize to all the fans for this lockout," he tweeted. "Trust me, I feel y'all pain. This s*** sucks."    

After a couple followers expressed their discontent with the players, Anthony acknowledged that he and other NBA players do not take their blessings lightly.

Anthony started his flurry of lockout tweets with a simple tweet: "LET US PLAY!!!!!!! #StandUnited" and ended it with a plea of sorts to his fans

"Last thing. It bothers me to hear people talk about things they know nothing about!!!"

The NBA owners and players are meeting today in an 11th hour attempt to save the NBA season from losing any regular season games. Before the meeting, Billy Hunter told Ken Berger of CBS Sports, "We're going to go in there and see what we can do, see if we can get a deal."