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Morning Coffee! Time To Stir The Pot

Good morning, New York sports fans! Let's take our first look at the local sports scene on a frigid Friday.

  • Let's start by stirring the NBA pot a little bit this morning. Our own Ryan Jones has made his case for why Carmelo Anthony would be better served to wind up with the New Jersey Nets as the centerpiece of their restructuring, rather than in New York sharing the limelight with Amare Stoudemire. Any response to that, Knicks' fans? As for the Knicks there is speculation that Steve Nash is Plan B if they are unable to land Anthony. 
  • The New Jersey Devils are apparently trying to stir things up a little, as well. They want to dump captain Jamie Langenbrunner, and the Philadelphia Flyers are apparently interested. What a miserable season this has turned out to be for the Devils, who are not used to this sort of stuff.
  • Our own Joe Caporoso says the Indianapolis Colts are "inferior" to the New York Jets. I disagree. We will find out who is right on Saturday.
  • It should not come as a huge surprise that top-flight closer Rafael Soriano is suddenly willing to be Mariano Rivera's set-up man in New York. It's getting a little late in baseball's off-season, and no one seems to be knocking down Soriano's door offering a huge payday. Soriano and his agent, Scott Boras, know where the money is. This, of course, would be a huge coup for the Yankees, giving them an absolute lock-down end-of-game bullpen.
  • The New York Giants might be looking at their fourth defensive coordinator in four seasons. That's because current DC Perry Fewell has teams lining up to talk to him about their head-coaching vacancies. Fewell has drawn interest from Denver, Carolina, San Francisco and Cleveland.