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Carmelo Anthony "Wants To Be One Place Geographically"

Now that the New Jersey Nets have announced they are moving on from the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, the focus has shifted to the New York Knicks across the river.  The World's Most Famous Arena has long been rumored as Anthony's preferred destination, even as teams like the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets floated as landing spots for the Nuggets star.

A team that has tried to get their hands on Anthony is the Golden State Warriors.  Like the Nets, the Warrios are led by a new owner with deep pockets -- Joe Lacob -- that wants to make a big splash.  He told the Mercury News that Anthony has no interest in going further West.

"We've  had discussions with Denver," Lacob said.  "And I think it's possible.  But unfortunately, he clearly wants to be one place geographically."

That would seem to squash the idea Anthony wants to play in Chicago or would be open to staying in Houston if the Rockets attempted to rent him with the hope of keeping him long term.  It hammers home the long standing belief the only place the All Star wants to go is New York...  and yes, keeps the door slightly ajar for a trade with the Nets.

However, if you ask Lacob, the Warriors can offer a package that is better than what the Nets or Knicks can put together, headlined by Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis

"We think we have better assets to go after someone like him, that caliber, than most of the teams out there that are being talked about,"

If the Nets really are no longer interested in talking trade, that will leave the Nuggets in a difficult position.  Ship Anthony to his preferred destination of New York with an extension or take a lesser package from a team willing to rent him and see if he will leave a guaranteed $65 million on the table.