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Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: The Only Truth Is, Nobody Really Knows Anything

Let's face it, nobody really knows what is going on with Carmelo Anthony and a potential trade to the New Jersey Nets. The more you read the more that is about the only thing that becomes clear.

One day a trade to New Jersey is almost done. Then, maybe it's not. One day the Denver Nuggets have granted 'Melo permission to talk with New Jersey owner Mikhail Prokhorov. Then, Anthony says he knows nothing about that. Besides which, what would he want to do that for, anyway? One day he seems to think playing in Brooklyn, future home of the Nets, would be cool. Next day, Anthony seems to be pining only for the bright lights of Broadway and Madison Square Garden, where the New York Knicks.

Ah, the Knicks. They are a little mini-soap opera of their own. One day analysts are saying Amare Stoudemire doesn't want to share the stage with another superstar. Then, Stoudemire is reaching out to 'Melo telling him he would love to him as a teammate. One day there is no way the Knicks have enough pieces to get a deal done. Next day Knicks GM Donnie Walsh is cooking up three-team deals and saying he could get the first-round draft picks Denver requires if he felt like it.

Reality is, we really don't know any more about what is likely to happen than we did a week ago. What we do know is that this whole saga is wearing everybody out -- players, coaches, general managers, fans, reporters, bloggers. C'mon, Carmelo! Can you just make a decision so we can all move on? Please.