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Carmelo Trade Bait? Walsh Says Knicks Could 'Probably' Obtain More First Round Picks

While it seems like the New Jersey Nets are getting closer and closer to acquiring Carmelo Anthony in a trade, Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks also seem to be looking into making moves to put together a more appealing package for the Denver Nuggets.

“I could probably get more than one, but I’m not going to say how many,” Walsh told ESPN’s Chris Sheridan on Monday morning prior to the Knicks’ game against Phoenix. “But I’m confident I can get a first-round pick.”

As earlier reported by ESPN, Anthony Randolph would probably be the player the Knicks trade to get a first round pick back as he’s appeared in less than half of New York’s games so far this season.

All of these talks will eventually be for nothing as only one team can have Anthony, but until he’s traded — or the trade deadline passes — expect the teams interested in Anthony to keep trying to put together more lucrative packages.