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Nuggets Give Nets Permission To Meet With Carmelo Anthony

The Denver Nuggets have reportedly agreed to allow owner Mikhail Prokhorov, minority owner Jay-Z and GM Billy King to meet with Carmelo Anthony in order to gauge his interest face-to-face in playing for the New Jersey Nets.  Such a move is the clearest sign yet that this drama is finally coming to an end.  Any meeting would happen on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

Under normal circumstances, meeting with another team's player would represent tampering.  As we have see, these are not normal circumstances with the Nuggets giving the permission and thus throwing out the window any wrong doing on the Nets part.

Several reports have stated that Prokhorov feels confident that he will have no problem selling Anthony on the direction of the franchise as the Nets prepare to move into a new Arena in Brooklyn for the 2012 season.  After a similar contingent from New Jersey put together an impressive presentation to LeBron James over the summer, it's not hard to see why the Nets would feel confident about a meeting with Anthony.

The Nuggets next game is Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, one that theoretically Anthony may not dress for if things go well for the New Jersey Nets.

Prokhorov was already planning on being in the states so he could attend "Russian Culture Night" Wednesday night in Newark.  Surely the larger than life owner would love nothing more than to boast about his first big victory during one of his few visits to the Prudential Center.

After months of seemingly endless rumors and posturing, the 'Melo Drama could finally be coming to an end.