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Report: Knicks Have '50-50' Shot At Carmelo Anthony

The New York Daily News reported today that the New York Knicks remain “very much in the hunt” for Carmelo Anthony.

It has been obvious that the bright lights of Madison Square Garden have been Anthony’s preferred destination for a while now.

A person familiar with the negotiations told the Daily News that talks between the Nuggets and Knicks are ongoing and classified the possibility of a deal with New York at “50-50.”

“He’d like to play in New York,” said the source, who requested anonymity. “But I don’t see anything happening soon.”

The Nets, as has been widely reported, can offer a package including highly-regarded rookie Derrick Favors, draft picks and other players that would send more talent back to Denver. Despite that, what the Nets can’t do anything about is that they are the Nets — and they are not ’Melo’s dream choice.

The Daily News offers an idea of what the Knicks might be able to piece together to make a trade happen.

In order for the Knicks to acquire Anthony, team president Donnie Walsh would have to acquire at least one first-round pick to include in the deal.

The dilemma for the Knicks is whether or not to gut their roster for a player they could sign as a free agent after July 1. A deal for Anthony would likely have to include two of these three starters — Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Landry Fields — plus Eddy Curry’s expiring contract and at least one first-round pick. The Knicks may also have to take on a player with a long-term contract. Al Harrington could be that player.

Anthony wields the hammer here because he can simply bide his time and walk away from the Nuggets as a free agent. In the end Anthony could very well force the Nuggets to take what they see as the lesser offer from the Knicks simply to get something in return for him.