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Carmelo Anthony: End The Charade, Get Him To The Garden

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In the end, the biggest hold-up in a trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey may be Anthony himself.

According to several league sources, Anthony has not told anyone, not even his representatives, that he will sign a contract extension with the Nets.

One source who has spoken with Anthony since trade talks between Denver, New Jersey and Detroit became public last weekend said the Nuggets forward has never even hinted at signing with New Jersey.

-- Chris Broussard, ESPN The Magazine

Here is a poetic look at the unfolding 'Melo-Drama':

Carmelo Anthony's Pit Stop

All hail Carmelo! To ringing percussion

Nets' star has arrived, promised by The Russian

Now other teams will head to Newark with dread

And next year (or maybe not) Brooklyn instead

The deal is complex, and ever-expanding

An easier task is to count who's still standing

But what's this? A monkey wrench enters the mix

Carmelo may not sign with Nets, only Knicks

An auction gets stagnant, with one in the bidding

The catbird seat's precisely where Knicks are now sitting

Offer a package of Curry, Jerome James  and Weis

Throw in Browne Sanders' harassment SUV lease

Bring him to Gotham, end this charade

And hasten the Canyon of Heroes parade