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Morning Coffee! Rangers Show The Jets How It's Done

Good morning, New York sports fans! Sunday proved to be a real mixed bag when it came to New York teams, so let's have a look.

  • How screwed up is the New York Jets' offense? So screwed up that the New York Rangers scored more goals (seven) that the Jets scored points Sunday in a 10-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins. The Jets have scored nine points in two weeks, coach Rex Ryan admitted nearly pulling quarterback Mark Sanchez Sunday, and with games coming up at Pittsburgh and Chicago there is trouble in Jet-land. See Gang Green Nation for lots more reaction.
  • The New York Giants not-so-excellent adventure will finally come to an end tonight when they face the Minnesota Vikings -- in Detroit. As you probably know by now, the Giants left for Minnesota Saturday, did not get there, spent the night in Kansas City, had the game postponed to Monday, had the Metrodome roof collapse and wound up having to travel to Detroit for the game. Despite all that, team president John Mara says the Giants are in "great spirits." They need to win tonight to make the trip worthwhile, though.
  • The New York Knicks edged Denver, 129-125, in the first of three games against front-line NBA teams. Amare Stoudemire was hearing MVP chants -- richly deserved ones, in fact -- as he set a franchise scoring record by reaching the 30-point mark for the eighth straight game. Stoudemire has been better than anyone thought he could be for New York.
  • The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers are still waiting on Cliff Lee. I really don't know what is so difficult. He either wants to be in New York or Texas. C'mon Cliff, make a decision!
  • The New Jersey Nets lost for the seventh straight time Sunday, falling to the Los Angeles Lakers, 99-92. Early-season optimism seems to be giving away to the reality that the Nets are not very good.