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Madison Square Garden: No Asbestos, But Will The Games Go On?

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Will the games go on at Madison Square Garden? That is the question in the wake of Tuesday's accident at MSG where debris fell from the ceiling during overnight maintenance, resulting in the cancellation of a scheduled New York Knicks games vs. the Orlando Magic.

From the New York Post:

The Garden is shut down until further notice, but sources indicated the Knicks' next home game -- Friday vs. the Wizards -- will go on. As a fallback, the Knicks contacted the Prudential Center about hosting John Wall's Wizards, but it does not appear they will need it.

A city environmental agency official told The Post the debris that fell in the arena was found not to contain asbestos. The accident, however, raises questions on whether the Knicks' ongoing Garden "transformation" is safe during the season.

A Garden spokesman said information on its reopening will be known today. One source said the concern looks to be making sure the ceiling is structurally stable so more debris does not fall.

The Knicks are scheduled to play home games at the Garden Friday vs. the Washington Wizards and Sunday vs. the Philadelphia 76ers.

The New York Rangers are next scheduled to play at the Garden on Sunday vs. the St. Louis Blues, the beginning of a four-game homestand.

Ticketholders for the Knicks-Magic game have been advised to keep their tickets and go to for re-scheduling information.

There has been speculation that the Knicks are looking into alternate sites, including the Prudential Center, if the Garden is not deemed safe.