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SB Nation NBA Power Rankings, Week 1: Nets Are Biggest Mover

-- See SB Nation's NetsDaily for Nets coverage, and Posting and Toasting for Knicks coverage.

After one week of the NBA season it really is pretty much impossible to form judgments about most teams. is trying, though, releasing its Week 1 NBA Power Rankings.

The New Jersey Nets are the big winners in Week 1, moving from No. 15 in the 16-team Eastern Conference to No. 8 after getting off to a 2-1 start. Here is what the fine folks at SBNation had to say about New Jersey.

The Nets have the honor of being the biggest mover in this week's rankings, jumping past half the conference from bottom feeder to playoff team in one short week. Their record apparently speaks volumes, though with three home games, two against less than austere competition, it can't be considered too much of a surprise. This week's ranking is probably too high, a knee-jerk reaction to a winning record in a bad conference, while last week's ranking was probably too low, a opposite-of-knee-jerk reaction (anybody have a more descriptive suggestion?) to one of the worst records posted in a long time the previous season. Still, with Devin Harris back to looking Devin Harris-y and Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors playing at and above expectations respectively, there's certainly reason for optimism in Newark, which is a humorous statement to put into print.

The New York Knicks (1-2) check in one spot behind the Nets at No. 9. Here is how SBNation summarized the Knicks' start.

Hard to be too upset with the Knicks for losing games in Boston and at home against Portland, and a road win, even against the Raptors, is always a positive thing.  Still, one would be hopeful that the additions of Amar'e Stoudemire and Raymond Felton would see the Knicks climb higher than the bottom third in offensive rating.  Amar'e's turnovers per game is far too high though (a shade under 6), as is the number of apostrophes required to denote his ownership of anything.  The Knicks need Danillo Gallinari to find the range, and for someone besides a small forward to lead the charge in picking up rebounds.

Meaningless stuff, really, but fun nonetheless. Especially if you are a Nets' fan. Throw this in the face of your Knicks fan friends, plus the fact that right now the Knickerbockers don't even have a home court to play on.