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Knicks Waive Patrick Ewing Jr., Keep Shawne Williams For Final Roster Spot

The Knicks made Patrick Ewing Jr. their final roster cut for the second time in three seasons, reports Steve Adamek of the Bergen Record. The 26-year-old lost out to fellow small forward Shawne Williams because, Adamek says, Williams is a better shooter:

“It was very close,” [Donnie] Walsh said. “Patrick, I thought, was a very good defender, played hard ... but Shawne is a shooter and with Mike [D'Antoni]’s system, shooting’s going to be a big factor.”

In four preseason games, Ewing Jr. averaged 1.8 points and 0.5 rebounds in 6 minutes. Williams, two years younger than Ewing Jr., posted averages of 3 points and 2.3 rebounds in 4.8 minutes.

Adamek says Ewing Jr., who has never played a regular-season game at the NBA level, will not give up on his career.