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Walsh: Mullin His Preference As Successor

Donnie Walsh knows who should be running the New York Knicks basketball operation if he isn’t. And it’s not Isiah Thomas.

Former St. John’s and NBA star Chris Mullin is his choice.

If I could hire anybody Chris would be the guy," Walsh told The News. “That’s who I want.”

There are no immediate plans for the club to add to their front office. In the past, Garden Chairman James Dolan has been reluctant to sign off on Walsh hiring Mullin. One theory is that Dolan’s next executive hire will be naming Isiah Thomas as consultant, a position Thomas held for one week in last August.

The other theory is that Dolan doesn’t feel the need to add another executive with Glen Grunwald and John Gabriel already on the staff.

Mullin was non-committal when asked about the Knicks, though he did compliment the work Walsh has done in revamping the team.

Somehow, a New York guy like Mullin seems like the right fit to try and return the Knicks to the top of the NBA.