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New York Jets' David Harris, Santonio Holmes Make Forbes List Of Overpaid NFL Players

Forbes has a list of the most overpaid NFL players -- which is interesting because NFL players are so often underpaid -- but a few New York Jets are on the list. Even considering the fact that Jets linebacker David Harris led the team in tackles last season and was second in sacks, he still isn't considered one of the elite linebackers in the game. Or at least not through the general discussion.

He is, however, the league's highest paid at the position with $12 million in salary and bonuses. With all due respect to Harris, that sounds like a little much, and definitely enough to put him on top of the Forbes list.

Santonio Holmes is No. 5 on the list with his $9.25 million salary this season. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie is mentioned as well.

What do you think? Are the Jets paying too much for some of their key players, or is this just how it worked out for them?