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New York Jets Training Camp 2012: Rex Ryan Talks About Monday's Fight

After approximately 20 players were involved in a scuffle during Monday's practice in Cortland, head coach Rex Ryan spoke to the media about how he plans to move forward.

As expected, Ryan wasn't overly upset about the whole thing. When asked if he would address his team about the skirmish which started after Joe McKnight was pushed out-of-bounds by D'Anton Lynn, Ryan balked.

"Nope, to me it's just that you're about ready to hit somebody else in a different color jersey. You know you're competing with each other. It becomes a little more of a competition when we put the black jerseys out there," said Ryan.

"It's just getting to be that time but, you just have to take care of one another and that's the biggest thing. Fights happen occasionally, but I think we've had enough of them like I said. I really don't think I'm going to have to speak about it directly but if I do that's fine."

With the first preseason game coming up on Friday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Ryan can rest easy knowing his team will have someone else to take their aggression out on soon enough.

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