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Tim Tebow Sidesteps Blind-side Hit By Boomer Esiason

Tim Tebow sidestepped Boomer Esiason's comments Monday that the New York Jets should cut their backup quarterback.

"I've heard nothing but great things about Mr. Esiason," Tebow said. "I know he was a great player here, and I just wish him nothing but the best in his announcing and God bless him."

Tebow did, however, say that he is used to handling criticism.

"I've pretty much heard a lot of it. From when I was in high school, when they said I couldn't be a high school quarterback, when I was in college and my first year they told me 'you'll never play quarterback', and then, 'you can never win a championship', and 'you'll never play in the NFL', " Tebow said. "I've heard a lot of it and I just continue to use that as motivation and when I get my opportunities."

Here is more of what Tebow had to say during his Monday meeting with reporters at SUNY Cortland.

On the fight…

I didn’t see anything. I was all the way on the other side and I just ran over and started pulling people off. I don’t even know who started it.

On if tension during camp has been more or less than other camps…

Probably less than what I’m used to from college and in Denver. I think this team does a good job of taking care of one another. Today got a little chippy obviously, but for the most part I think this team does a really good job of taking care of one another.

On if he’s ever been in the middle of a fight or started one…

(Laughter) No, I don’t feel like I’ve ever started one. Possibly, I could have thought I might have gotten a late hit before, or cheap shot or something.