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Mark Sanchez: Scrimmage Had 'Ups And Downs'

Mark Sanchez clearly outperformed Tim Tebow Saturday during the New York Jets Green vs. White Scrimmage, completing 11-of-16 passes to an 0-for-3 performance by Tebow. Sanchez said he thought the offense had "ups and downs' during the scrimmage.

"I thought the tempo was great. We were in and out of the huddle. There were a couple penalties and a fumble, but no interceptions from the quarterbacks, so that's a positive. I thought we ran the ball well at times," Sanchez said. "It was good for us to just get moving again and to see things at full speed without defensive coaches and players standing in the secondary waiting for their reps like in a regular practice, without guys behind you and coaches right behind you to talk to. It was more like a game."

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes suffered what appeared to be a broken rib during the scrimmage. The Jets offense also played without starting offensive linemen Nick Mangold, Wayne Hunter and Brandon Moore.