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Tebowmania: Tim Tebow Calls Scrimmage 'Frustrating'

Tim Tebow went just 0-for-3 passing during Saturday evening's Green vs. White Scrimmage. The New York Jets backup quarterback ran the ball three times for 14 yards. Afterwards, Tebow said scrimmage rules that did not allow the quarterbacks to be hit did not really enable him to showcase his escapability and how difficult he is to tackle.

"It makes it hard. Just because you can't really do too much. With something like this, you just try to get some passes off. I think," Tebow said.

He added that the limitations on contact "could get a little bit frustrating."

Coach Rex Ryan looked for positives from Tebow's performance.

"The number one thing that jumped out at me about Tim was when he had the high snap. It was actually going to be a direct run to him, what we call a power play, and he looks and by the time he caught it, he made a quick decision. He made the guy miss and ran for a big gain," Ryan said. "Those are the things, he's a threat every time he drops back. You don't know if he's going to run it or throw it."

Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez went 11-for-16 for 82 yards during the scrimmage.